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    AMD Radeon HD 6450 Instability


      As you can guess from the title, my GPU has been having problems off & on since day 1. Some drivers are okay, others aren't which I know is normal. I am wondering though, when is the next AMD Catalyst Software Suit going to be released? I currently have 15.20.1062.1004-150803a1-187699C installed. I've tried performing a clean install of the drivers & software to no avail. It took a month but the same BSOD popped up 2 weeks ago when my GPU software froze & failed to recover. I've since then tried changing the Standard 3D & Catalyst A.I texturing to the optimal performance presets. So far this has raised my overall FPS by like 3-5 I think & also possibly preventing this BSOD from re-occurring (yet). I'm not completely trusting this version still though so if any of y'all could offer your input to the above question I'd greatly appreciate it.


      P.S: If need be I can try to attach my crash logs, just give the word if that's necessary or even allowed here.