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    why does the driver crash


      Been using R9 270X ( core 1100MHz, memory 4Gb, clock memory 1400MHz, 2 monitors. all is default on settings) and it crashes like a piece of a cardboard unable to run any simple game. ALL THE  TIME !!

      For some reason after update to AMD Radeon crimson has gone only downhill. Used to have overclock on it but went to default settings after crashes became too frequent.

      If you need some info about the PC just ask below

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          What make and model 270X are you using?


          Does the Crimson driver crash with your 270X at stock clocks?

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            Driver used when crashes happened 16.3 ( or what was the most new one )


            steps to crash the living hell from driver >> open chrome ( ~10 tabs, 1 from youtube ), games>  FireFall, Warframe, Diablo 3, starcraft 2, ARK survival Evolved, SpaceEngineers.. it crashes with about identical rate in all ( about 1-2 times an hour ), be it solo playing or when in a group online. Almost all games running in borderless fullscreen mode if its an option. So far it didn't crash when just afk, had to actually do something in the games. the chrome part is just always there open for me so im unsure if it was contributing to the problem.

            PC details

            desktop PC(custom built ), Win10 64bit

            CPU i5-3330

            Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V LX

            Ram 16GB

            power supply > APEVIA ATX-CB700W.

            Monitors LG 23EA63V-P ( two displays connected with DVI cables ) 1920x1080 @60Hz on both screens.


            how the issue looks >> both screens freeze for .5 - 1 seconds and unfreeze while sound continues going on, any video playback ( youtube or VCL version 2.2.1 player ( lose the video part but continue running audio ). Any game that was running quite often ( about 80% of times ) recovers and continues playing like normal, remaining 20% of times it continues running audio but video remains froze. It allows me to perform actions and play correct audio ( friends on voice chat told me ) but it doesn't unfreeze.


            was a bit annoyed when unable to relax and so the first post happened with almost no info about the issue.