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Video Dies idling for long time, Win10 Radeon 7800 Crimson 16.3.1

Question asked by subdivisions on Mar 22, 2016

I have had this happening for maybe a week now and its frustrating.  While in use my system seems fine, I use to get random BSOD or Reboot on Win7 with this card, but not with Win10 its been solid.


Installed the 16.3.1 drivers, set my monitors correctly (3 via mini-dp, 2 x 144hz, 1 x 60hz) all run perfect.  If i leave the machine to idle for some time (more then 2 hours) i come back to all the screens in power save mode, the GPU fan running at 100%, and the system locked to a forced reboot.  I have all the power saving features off, the system does NOT go to sleep, but it is set to turn the monitors off after an hour.


Its uber frustrating.


My system specs:



32 gb Ram


Radeon 7880

Crimson 16.3.1

Win 10 x64