Unigine Valley benchmarks with my new Sapphire Nitro Fury, I cant complain.. oh yes I can complain..

Discussion created by brucer on Mar 22, 2016
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I got my Gigabyte Fury replacement today, its a Sapphire Nitro Fury and it seems to be running pretty darn good so far...  When I initially installed the Sapphire Nitro Fury I had pretty noticeable coil whine or ticking noise... I had Unigine Valley already installed and ran a couple benchmarks over the week prior to receiving my Sapphire card.. As a couple hours passed and after running a number of benchmarks from med. 2xaa to ultra 8xaa the coil whine, or clicking noise quietened significantly, pretty much unnoticeable witht the case on the table 3 ft away, the rear exhaust fan is louder...


The install went like a GPU install is suppose to go, flawless... I uninstalled old drivers, power downed the computer, switched off psu and unplugged it, took out r9-290, installed Fury, plugged in and powered up the psu, powered up computer, it booted up as the Fury was right at home... I installed the 16.3.1 drivers and they ran fine in Unigine Valley, Aida64 and Archeage, I'm downloading BF4 and Starwars BF as I type this, pretty large downloads..


The first thing I noticed was a crisper picture quality compared to my r9-290, a bit brighter and more vibrant picture, if that makes any sense..


The Unigine Valley benchmark plaques.. LG29um55 (2560x1080) monitor.


MSI R9-290, medium settings 2xaa



Sapphire Nitro Fury Medium settings, 2xaa, dx9


Sapphire Nitro Fury Medium settings, 2xaa, dx11


Sapphire Nitro Fury ultra settings, 2xaa, dx9