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    Graphic card for a gateway SX2110G It's not a computer, It's a Gateway..


      A friend of mine, Gave me a Gateway SX2110G Computer. Not that old, looks great, runs great. His kids loved it for what they wanted it for, and now They use tablets, and cell phones, so he gave it to me.. All I want to do it play games with it. But it needs a new Graphics card.. That simple. A card that will work in the space allowed. Computer after computer I keep running into the same problem.. Computer makes tell us nothing about upgrades, and Computer accessory company's boot us to forums instead of answering questions that might make them money. It is not hard to install the card, any one can do it, but getting the right answer is the problem. The money making answer. A lot of stuff in this Gateway is AMD. I would like to keep it that way, But what can I say.. If AMD don't have one, I may have to look at one of the other Graphic card Company's.


      Simple stuff. Video card for a Gateway SX2110G Mini Tower. Want one gig or less.. It is a nice computer, but not that nice.. lol