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R9290x Windows 10 drivers not installing proper even after wipe

Question asked by 24bit on Mar 21, 2016

Using an R9 290x, just upgraded to Win10 from Win7 and was met with a "No AMD graphics driver installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly" error message after installing the newest updates.  Came from win7 without a problem for example I was running Borderlands in 4k without any issues.  Running o Win10 is unplayable and Dynamic shadows make the game impossible to move in.  I wiped all the drivers off my pc and reinstalled the newest win10 amd driver for the 290x.  Made sure my firewall was off.  Clicking on AMD settings gets me that error message.  Wiped again, tried the auto detect installer, same problem. 


Dunno what to do.  Was just working an hour ago normally on Win7, upgrade to win10 and nothing works right.  There is no Catalyst for Win10 it seems, just a funky new setup.  Any thoughts or help is appreciated on what I am supposed to do.