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    Is there a way to know if my Fury X is revision 1 or revision 2 with the fixed pump noise??


      I purchased a Fury X, and the card performs very well but the pump is making a noise that is significantly too loud to work with.  I had RMAd the unit, but received another that had the same noise. 


      I noticed the statement on the pump was an email to media, so there is no official record for the public other than these sites reporting.


      In regards to the “pump whine”, AMD received feedback that during open bench testing some cards emit a mild “whining” noise.  This is normal for most high speed liquid cooling pumps; Usually the end user cannot hear the noise as the pumps are installed in the chassis, and the radiator fan is louder than the pump.  Since the AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X radiator fan is near silent, this pump noise is more noticeable. 
      The issue is limited to a very small batch of initial production samples and we have worked with the manufacturer to improve the acoustic profile of the pump.  This problem has been resolved and a fix added to production parts and is not an issue.


      Is there any way to tell by metric or identifier on the individual card, whether it is Revision 1 or the fixed Revision 2 - without disassembling the card to reveal the pump?


      Please advise.