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4 months on and the 7970 no access to Advanced Settings with Crimson issue -still- hasn't been fixed?

Question asked by contrabardus on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by contrabardus

Seriously, it's been four months. Can we get a fix for this please?


People with this problem are basically locked out of using the latest drivers because of it.


The advanced options tab does not open at all on the crimson GUI. I can click on it over and over and it does nothing locking me out of essential options such as scaling and crossfire.


This has been going on for four months now, I've installed and uninstalled the drivers several times, I have the latest hotfix and I've used the cleaning tool to get the drivers out. It's not a problem on my end, but a bug in the crimson driver that's causing the problem. Older drivers don't have problems outside of being old drivers that don't run new and recently updated software well.


This issue has been a problem since December. Fix it. Seriously. "Be patient" stopped being an acceptable answer two months ago. This is getting stupid. Fix the stupid driver so it works, there's no good reason why I should -still- be locked out of the tools I need to manage my GPUs at this point with the latest software.