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Dual Graphics and how to set them up

Question asked by djor87 on Mar 20, 2016

Hey there small question cause i bought a laptop with dual graphics and i have no idea how to set it up (for games) .. So anyways  everything is on the screen and all i want to know how to set up Texture filtering on both of them ,since one is dedicated and one integrated  .   . Just let me know if the card that got pinned to dual graphics (says 760 mb) should be on high performance or the one that have 2gb memory cause i don't wanna mess up my laptop :/. 


So anyways everything is on the screens and all i want to know how to set them up i literally have no idea about texture filtering (and i have 3 options like standard/high/performance) . And no idea on which card to use which option don't wanna burn my laptop by setting something wrong. I couldnt find any help on official AMD forums so hopefully im gonna find it here . And im sorry that screens are in polish but if someone have the same Radeon Crimson i bet he knows how to handle these .


And please help me i can't find any help on ANY forums...