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Flickering pixels only with driver installed

Question asked by tupples on Mar 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by peter@nixeus

I have an MSI R9 390. I was playing a game when out of the blue I started getting artifacts on the screen, basically they are small groups of pixels flickering. They change color depending on the background. 
I tried to reinstall the drivers, didn't help. Next I tried to go back to an earlier version (Catalyst), still no luck. I then tried to remove the card and go on integrated graphics; that worked and there were no pixels. However what makes me think that it's a driver issue is that when I uninstall the drivers but still plug my monitor into my video card, there is no problem, no pixels or artifacts (using the basic Windows driver). 
When I install AMD drivers, the issue appears when installing display drivers (screen will go black, then turn on, that's normal, but there are artifacts after it's turned back on).  
I'm not sure what to do now, I also tried changing PCI-E slot and it didn't help either.  
Something I've noticed is that when I reboot my computer, sometimes there will not be artifacts immediately, however my monitor speakers will make a soft sound and then the display will turn black and back on and there will be artifacts. This made me believe that maybe it was related to installing the HDMI audio with the drivers (my monitor is connected with an HDMI to DVI cable), so I reinstalled the drivers without the HDMI audio, didn't change anything.   
It's really strange as this issue came really suddenly, nothing happened to cause it it seems, I was just playing a game and next moment it started.