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How to get replacement for Coolermaster Water Cooler packaged with the FX 9590

Question asked by allspandex on Mar 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2016 by blackwong

Hello All,


Recently, the Coolermaster water cooler packaged with the FX 9590 has stopped working.  The internal fan randomly stops working during videos and games and the temp builds and eventually locks the machine that requires a hard reset to get out from.  After the hard reset the machine will sometimes post but immediately after the post, it will shut itself down again.  Sometimes the machine shuts down even before post.  Each time it shuts down the last Post code is always FF.  Which is a reserved post code that I have been unable to find info on.  However, the little blue light is always lit and I presume it is an indicator of some sort but of what I am unsure.


After returning to the machine after it has cooled, I was able to get into the Bios via the Slow Mode and LN2 jumper.  It would post and get to bios, but the CPU Fan warning comes up and prompts me to press F1 to change setup.  Once in Bios, I can see from the Monitor/Fan Speed tab that the CPU fan, which is used to power the internal pump/fan of the Coolermaster water cooler, is not working.  I moved the CPU Fan power connector to the CPU Opt connector and it reports the same when booting to bios, CPU Fan is not working Press F1 for setup.


Sometimes the machine will reboot immediately and  when I check the fan status from AI Suite it reports that the fan is working.


These are the relevant parts I use:


AMD FX9590, 4719 Mhz

Asus Crossfire V Formula-Z

AMD Radeon R9 390 Series

4x4GB GSkill PC3-12800 @ 1198MHZ

Win 7, 64bit

Antec Pro HCP-1200


So, I would like a replacement for the water cooler.


Let me know if you have any advice or ideas or if you would like more relevant info.