Microsoft backtracks on supporting new processors only for Windows 10 (at least for Intel)

Discussion created by black_zion on Mar 20, 2016
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Microsoft will rest its jackboot on Windows 7, 8.1's throat on new Intel CPUs in 2018 – not 2017 • The Register


Now Microsoft has been persuaded that this wasn't very nice. Corporations just getting round to installing Windows 7 on refreshed hardware won't have been best pleased. So, instead, Microsoft is extending the release of security-reliability-compatibility-only updates until July 2018. After that, installations of Windows 7 and 8.1 on Skylake chips will continue to receive just security patches – even the ones that are a drag for Microsoft.


The question is, will this apply to AMD Zen as well. It's not so hard to believe, as Zen is substantially different than anything existing, whereas Intel isn't doing anything nearly as complex to Skylake, so it will no doubt require patches by Microsoft and the Linux distros to work correctly, so Microsoft can just say it'd take too much time and tell people to upgrade to Windows 10.


We will have to wait and see come Q3-4 this year.