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R9 285/380 Black Screen/Stand By issue

Question asked by supermario641996 on Mar 20, 2016

As one of the people with the issue, I'm going to talk about what I've encountered to try to help with the issue.  I'm hoping this gets fixed as soon as possible because I've had the issue critically for some time now and refuse to use my XFX R9 285 because of it.


First off, the issue is way too random for me to tell if it's actually gone or not when I tried to find workarounds, (haven't found one that works).  I didn't have the issue for two days after using DDU and removing 16.3 drivers and popping down to 15.7.1 but I actually had the issue in chrome today.


On rare occasions the problem will become reproducible meaning that it will not stop happening in one area till I remove the driver and replace it.  This was the case with Chrome today, it forced me to drop down to my integrated graphics for now.  Next I was having this issue on another program but was also getting a BSOD (when I wasn't getting the monitor going to standby issue) reporting page fault in nonpaged area atikmdag.sys and again didn't go away till I installed new drivers.  This rare bug also happened in Far Cry 4 where I couldn't go to the northern area because I would crash and my monitor would go to standby but eventually stopped after testing to see if I had the issue on an old 550ti I had laying around, (I didn't have the issue on the 550ti).  I only told you guys about this because the BSOD I had and it is possible to get the issue to happen on demand making it easier for testing but then when it's gone you don't know if it's actually gone.


Now onto the random crashes, (these are the crashes that are not rare).  First of all, people keep reporting that you can still hear sound.  This is true but I have had some rare occasions when sound stopped working.  I would also like to point out that the num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock lights no longer work ie they will stay on if they were on or they will stay off when they are off when the keys are struck during the issue.  People always reports the issue in specific games, I would like to point out that this can happen in way more than the specified games, I had the issues from games that came out in the early 2000s to games of this generation.  I also have had the issue in Google Chrome today making me not want to actually use my card anymore as I need to use my computer to keep the internet up for my sister as she has an online college and I can't have a faulty GPU interfere in her education.


I would also like to note that this card was replaced just last week with a new one from XFX as they saw the one I had before as "faulty" and replaced it with another one that is still faulty.  I didn't know the issue was common at the time when I sent it out and was extremely disappointed to find out the problem was not gone as I've been having it for a very long time and I didn't pay and build a PC for it to not function as expected but things like this happen I guess.


My System,

OS: Windows 10 64 BIT

CPU: i5-4690k

GPU: XFX Radeon R9 285 2GB

PSU: Corsair RM Series 750

Mobo: ASUS Z97-A

HDD: 2x1TB and a 320GB

RAM: Corsair Vengence 16GB (2x8GB)

Optical Drive: Asus DRW-24B1ST (Black)

Tower:  Corsair Graphite Series 230T Orange