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Problem: install Japanese environment driver

Question asked by pulu38 on Mar 20, 2016

Windows 8.1(64bit) language:japanese

GraphicCard R7 360E(jp Edition)


In the above environment, you want to install the driver.

But that can not be.

I have been contacted to support, it does not come at all reply.

It was the next thing.


AMD Driver unInstall Utility execution


Only confirmation is taken, the number people of Japanese are suffering from similar symptoms.

I hate AMD.

When will or [R7 360E] to be able to use correctly, I want you to tell anyone.



Here to get the driver, it is running.

And continue to use the old driver.


Can not also be used to download the AMD genuine driver of.

I, there is no way to get the old genuine driver].

Build [AMD JAPN HOME Page] is very bad. Nor can choose the old list of drivers].

Will AMD has hate the Japanese?


That there is no money in AMD will not understand.

It is fully aware of is the financial difficulties.

But, it is the terrible plight also in consideration of it.

Please look at the [nVidia home page].


You can download the necessary drivers soon! !

You can also download as soon as the old driver!