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AMD HD7730M Graphics Driver problem (ACTUALLY HELP ME THIS TIME)

Question asked by pisiu369 on Mar 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2016 by kingfish

SO MANY PEOPLE have made this problem yet you guys at "AMD" don't do anything about it, no wonder NVidia is winning. Atleast they give their customers the support they need.

This is my problem, I have this problem on 4 games and probably more games have the same problem, these 4 games are:


Civilization 5



Sims 3


I have seen so many threads that said to change your TdrDelay but that doesn't help. I'm using the LATEST drivers. I've upgraded to Windows 10 but "AMD" claims that there should not be any problems and if there is problems TdrDelay will fix it, BUT IT DOESN'T.


So please, listen to this post and find a way to fix this problem, ONCE AND FOR ALL.


If you don't help me I will have to CALL customer support and they will probably not help me at all, oh well I will just choose NVidia next time.