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    Black Screen on Startup After Update [Solved]


      Sapphire Tri-X R9 290 (VBIOS

      AMD FX-9370 8-Core Processor

      ASUS M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard (BIOS 2501)

      16 GB RAM

      Aerocool VP-750 Power Supply
      Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit >/23.03.2016/> Windows 10 Pro 64bit


      AMD Radeon R9 200 series, HDMI cable to TV. I don't really know a lot about these type of things so excuse me if I mess up.
      Tried all kinds of versions: 13.1, 15.7, 15.11, 15.12, 16.1, 16.2, 16.3
      Either uninstalled via AMD Cleanup Utility or DDU. I can't System Restore to a date before I did the update anymore, there's just too much time passed. I did the "check disk" stuff.

      I tried only installing Display Drivers, tried with minimal versions. Nothing seems to work.

      I disabled my graphics card from the Device Manager, that way at least I can watch videos but that's all. It only says AMD Radeon R9 200 series. I should specify, installment of all the versions are without problem I think that's why I couldn't see any messages in Windows Reliability History regarding any driver errors except for the ones I made while I trying to delete,install,disable and all that. It simply gets to Windows loading screen, then turns black even though it sounds like everything working correctly. I should clarify that computer doesn't crash or freeze. Screen simply turns black. I can still open files and hear them opening.
      I checked sapphire's site and downloaded an AMD autodetect program which is downloading "radeon crimson 15.11withoutdotnet45" which is different from what I tried named as "amd-catalyst-15.11.1beta-64bit-win10-win8.1-win7-nov14"

      -And it's the same. AMD Autodetect shows "R9 3xx" yet Device Manager says R9 200 series. Regardless, both get directed to the same crimson update.

      - I learned that in some cases turning a small switch on card on can fix the issue if it's power related. Tried that, nothing changed.

      -After I  detected true model of my graphics card, I searched it from the Sapphire's site which led me to crimson 16.1 hotfix. Installed following the steps given in clean install page. Same as before.

      -Disabled ULPS
      -Updated video card bios

      -So I tried to upgrade to Windows 10 but during installation screen went black for hours and nothing happened. I searched the internet and found that some people had this problem and it was caused by HDMI cable. I don't have any other cables except the one I use which is HDMI on one head, DVI-D on the other.

      I'm considering updating my BIOS motherboard but it's .cap file and I'm not so keen on all this, so I worry I might simply fry my stuff.

      -AMD support replied back asking for Dxdiag and System Info, so that's something.

      -Upgraded to Windows 10 and did all the updates finally. Now Cataclyst does open for CPU but the moment I enable the graphics card from device manager, black screen comes again. Upon my research I've found that some people merely changed their cables. I've been using HDMI (TV) x DVI-D (PC) for a long time and it's my only cable. I've ordered HDMI x HDMI cable and a Display Port converter from the interwebs. In couple of days it'll arrive in my hands, from the start I was hovering over this and I do believe cable is my issue.

      Above, all the things that I've tried and didn't work. Here's how I did:

      While waiting for my new cables, I decided to resume my research since I got nothing else to do. I saw somewhere how a guy said that AMD forced display to a non-existent monitor and that he used Team Viewer to manually choose the correct one. Although Asus M5A97 doesn't have an integrated graphics card for Catalyst to misread, I went to my neighboors house to try it anyway. Turns out since Tri-X is a beastly card, AMD (Not just Catalyst but display driver too) took upon itself to change resolution to 3200x2400 which is no way near my TV can show. So I changed the display settings to a acceptable one.


      TLDR; AMD changes resolution by itself, causing it to black screen without cursor. Used Team Viewer to change it back.




      Thank you guys for everything. I hope this helps to someone, somehow.





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          Also previous graphics card(if upgraded).

          Windows reliability history should show error messages ?.

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            Ah, I see, your replies are edits to OP.

            Download http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/ (in upper right corner of app is a "Lookup" function. Will tell you make/model of card).

            Auto detect tool doesn't always work correctly, best to manual download/install.

            Have you tried Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

            Also, as you have fx 9370, cpu cooler, motherboard, psu makes/models might help(may/may not be part of black screen problem). 

            Guessing sp1 is installed for win7.

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              lupus wrote:


              And I can not use the reply function, it says I'm not authorized to reply in this topic.


              johnt.lowe ray_m amdmatt , may be able to help with that.

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                The FX 9370 is not supported on M5A97 according to Asus cpu support list.

                Guessing that's your blackscreen problem, mobo can't handle the heat from almost double the power draw that it is designed for.

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                  Can this really be it? But this build ran everything ultra for more than a year? And I have Cooler Master Seidon 120m liquid cooler attached to the motherboard. It doesn't crash or freeze, I can hear windows running at background.

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                    lupus, I have the same problem with my computer. I start to find solution in the web, and on the first link I directed to http://www.bbc.com/, where I found solution of this problem.

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                      Try increasing the power limit setting in gaming/global settings/global overdrive... also increase your fan speed...

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                          I can't do that because none of the drivers are responsive. All versions give "No AMD Graphics Driver Installed" error even though device manager clearly can see r9 200 series. All the windows update are done, net framework is 4.6.1 and I can see my graphic card fans are running right now.

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                              So, at the moment you are running off the Ms basic display driver ?.

                              No yellow mark in device manager.

                              What driver vers. was working before trying to upate ?.

                              Have you tried running sfc /scannow, or, DISM commands to check/repair win files.

                              Maybe ray_m amdmatt can help further.

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                                  Yes I did scan before and I did it yesterday as well because windows wouldn't update some files and I had to use stand alone versions of them. I don't remember what versionof the drivers  was on but I last updated around June last year. No yellow marks, never did that. I tried to avoid this from the beginning but today I'm upgrading my system to Windows 10, I believe mobo is 10 ready. I'll try my luck with that because for a minute even though drivers still gave the warning I could open cataclyst before I made a windows update. I feel like core of this "No AMD Graphics Card Driver Installed" error lies beneath windows updates. Maybe that can even be the only problem. Nearly all windows 7 topics are old stuff, so if I'm gonna start playing update detective it'll be easier for 10 since it's fresh.

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                              same here got black screen installing and then black screen booting 5 times before getting into windows. Driver crashed running Skyrim and unresponsive.


                              I always un install drivers properly and these drivers are progressively getting worse not better. There is nothing wrong with hardware at all this is all about drivers that should not have been released. and are digging themselves into a large hole. Im surprised this has not been jumped upon by the tech media as Amd drivers are crippling our systems on windows 10. Put an old gtx 680 in and it all works perfect. There is no longer any excuse the problem list is extensive now. The drivers need scrapping and starting from scratch again

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                                  I agree.... I wish I would have tried my first Gigabyte Fury with old drivers to see if it would actually work... I couldnt even get to desktop with that Fury...


                                  My old hd6850 runs great in windows 10 in this same rig...  I had to tinker with my 4 yr old MSI r9-290 using the new drivers to get it to function correctly.... I still think I need to up the power limit setting a tad more.. I just hope these "Crimson" drivers and software arent hurting my r9-290 as it worked flawlessly before these new drivers..I guess I should have used old drivers..

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                                  I have a very similar (read same) issue. Will post more information once I can boot into my machine!


                                  • Dell Optiplex XE (2010) (obviously not a hardcore gamer, just need a PC to practice my flying on and, until yesterday, this rig has worked flawlessly with new Q9300 and Radeon 7950)
                                  • Intel Q9300
                                  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
                                  • Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 (single monitor, LG 49" 4K TV, HDMI-out)


                                  Hadn't started my machine in 3 weeks (as of yesterday, 4/20/2016) and hadn't connected to the internet since then, either. BUT, I do have auto updates turned on. Fired up Flight Simulator X and started a 2 hour flight. 1 hour in, screen turned blue and white checkered and audio went to terrible droning sound. Rebooted machine. Showed the windows logo on black backdrop "starting Windows" then goes to black screen and no sound. Went into Safe Mode, deleted driver, deleted everything AMD/ATI, reinstalled drivers from disk (15.x) and it worked for about 15 minutes. Went into Crimson Settings and clicked "update". As soon as the update (16.x) installed, it rebooted and did the black screen thing again. This time, uninstalled everything using IObit Uninstaller and wiped out all the ATI/AMD/Raptr/Vulkan folders in Programs Files. Reinstalled from disk. This time, it would not boot again. As soon as I delete all AMD drivers, I can boot into Windows 7 just fine (not Safe Mode, but regular boot), but no AMD software/settings.


                                  Contacted Sapphire support and they said they believe my GPU is bad. However:

                                  1. I have had this GPU since Christmas.
                                  2. It works perfectly fine in Safe Mode.
                                  3. After reinstalling drivers 1st time, it worked wonderfully.
                                  4. I can see BIOS splash and "Starting Windows" black screen with logo, so this doesn't sound like bad GPU to me...


                                  ANY guidance would be so appreciated! Yes, my GPU is under warranty, but I don't think replacing will solve this issue.

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                                    My laptop intel i5 not switchable + amd radeon hd 7650m  2GB GPU i update Crimson then issue

                                    started black screen on windows logon. then i clean the hard-disk ,installed new OS windows 8,8.1,10

                                    when i try install any official stock catalyst or crimson ,DDU,amdcleaneruntlity,registry cleaner.

                                    while installing display driver issue with black screen crash and some time mouse is showing flickering .....

                                    i try many driver version not able install stuck or freezing..after only way hard shutdown

                                    then i try uninstall amd display driver on safe mode then it able to login normal with Basic display adapter.

                                    now unable to install any amd display driver for GPU it useless...

                                    i have no found any solution in forums .




                                    finally i find the fix for my laptop  Amd HD 7650M 2GB + i5 intel


                                    a.black screen issue when logon and b.installation black screen

                                    1st try with hdmi / vga connected second monitor then try to install  or try to turn on laptop still issue persists

                                    it a hardware failure gpu dead.try below step it worked for me.

                                    1. need "air heat gun" and "heat thermal paste".

                                    2. disassemble laptop fully.

                                    3.remove heat sink with fan from motherboard clean the fan dust if your have and now able to find chip process and AMD  Gpu in laptop.

                                    4.read the chip which one is GPU and take "air heat gun" blow up-to 5 to 10 min then wait to cool 30 min don't touch chip.

                                    5.put the thermal paste on both intel proccess + amd gpu chip place the heat sink carefully.and assemble your laptop

                                    6. turn on  install any catalyst driver .i have install 15.11 catalyst  (don't install crimson driver it burn your GPU)

                                    and enjoy

                                    it working fine for me...

                                    this very risk i have sony laptop the company is closed . i have no choice to service. i done by myself.

                                    it help someone keep try any dead gpu and black screen issue

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                                      Hello! I had the same problem for a long time, I've tried everything on internet yet I found the solution myself.

                                      How I fixed that issue is;

                                      Restart the PC > Go to bios > Advanced Settings(it was like that on my my bios, could be different on your motherboard) > NB Configuration > IGFX Multi Monitor > Disabled

                                      Once you disable that and save & restart your PC it should be fixed