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Problem with Dual Monitors

Question asked by xtratoothpaste on Mar 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by dragonrjg

I have a problem setting up dual monitors. My cpu is intel xeon e3 1246 v3 which has on board graphics. I had a running dual monitor setup using the on board graphics. The motherboard has a VGA and HDMI slot, I used both for the setup. The new graphics card doesn't have a VGA slot, though, so I bought a DVI cable as my second monitor has this slot as well. I recently hooked up my new SAPPHIRE AMD R9 390 gpu, plugged in my newest monitor with the HDMI slot, and plugged in my second monitor with the DVI slot. The second monitor being hooked up through DVI is not being detected. Any reasons why this might be? I tried researching it but couldn't find a solution to the problem. Thanks! Also, I was thinking maybe the monitors DVI slot was just bad, and maybe it had to be using the VGA slot. I tried the VGA cable into the motherboard and it's still not detected (also not sure if that's just because I'd be forcing it to use onboard graphics as well as the gpu). If there's something in my question that doesn't make sense I'll be happy to explain it again.