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16.3.1 over/underscan

Question asked by dr1zzt05 on Mar 19, 2016
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so i just downloaded 16.3.1 and my second monitor now is out of borders, I can only see half the start bar almost none of the start button, My main monitor i can adjust over/underscan the secondary monitor i cant now, I could in the other version, they both are in 1280 720 if i switch to 1920 1080 both monitors are out of bounds and i can no longer adjust over/underscan on either one. through catalyst both are tv's, my secondary is hdmi to hdmi my main is dvi or whatever it is with the pins and tab to hdmi, In the other version I could adjust both monitors in the 720 res, I am using this new version cause i have Need For Speed and a few minutes in i get bad lag if I restart my pc the game plays fine for a bit havnt tried it yet with new drivers will update on how the game runs