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Why can't I install Gaming Evolved/ Raptr on my new Win7?

Question asked by coolstoryjo on Mar 19, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by coolstoryjo

So I got myself a new computer with better specs, but same Windows  7 64bit system. 

The newest driver for my Radeon R9 200 series gc are installed and work properly. But I can't seem to install Raptr. It was working really well on my old pc.

When I click the setup for the Raptr/AGE desktop app it "installes" in less then a second with no further windows whatsoever. After that, checking the program files(x86) folder on my harddrive I find one called "Raptr" but in there are only the exe for uninstalling, some random png, and a .dat.

I also tried to install the gaming evolved with the drivers. But then i got the same problem.


Anyone got ideas why that is?

Maybe I am just being dumb but an answer and/or solution would be very much appreciated.