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Asus R9 390 Poor performance hardware/drivers

Question asked by gaos on Mar 20, 2016
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Got this card about 3 months ago,and at first everything seemed fine,but now i am getting horrible Fps drops in games.just all round poor performance especially when a lot happens on screen.

Funny thing is when i run benchmarks the card seems to perform well like it should(3dmark,valley).
In games it seems to fluctuate a lot to from good solid fps to bad.
So far i have this info. is not bottlenecking my cpu.
2.850w psu witch is more than enough and it works fine. r9 280x runs just fine.
4.the card did seem to run very hot at one point(burning hot) even though my sensors said 60 degrees,but i could feel heat from the top of my case,then it went away,so wondered if it damaged.
5.have uninstalled drivers using udd. windows c cleaner .multiple times,noting changed.reinstalled different drivers to make sure still no change
6.reinstalled windows. i said in certain areas the card seems to run fine like in benchmarking.My score in 3dmark is same as others with same build so i assume it works there like it should.
8.Fx8350 amd processor sabertooth fx 2.0  somewhat new pc,but this pc did also run my r9 280x.
9.At this point i am thinking of returning it,but the problem is so weird i cannot pinpoint anything,and my r9 280x is owning my r390 everywhere.
10.have read all over the internet of people having similar issues and most suspect drivers,where i am wondering about actual hardware fault at this point.
11.Full Tower chassi, lots of room and good ventilation always dusting it out.
Any input would be great thanks.
1.Actually the card performs worse now or maybe it did before i did not look at my own previous results to compare,but my firestrike score was 8500 and now its 6200 exact same setup(((