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How to use 3 monitor (third monitor) set up using a TV as the 3rd monitor via MiniDP to HDMI active adapter.

Question asked by pardue on Mar 18, 2016

I just bought a displayport to HDMI active adapter (see link at bottom) to connect a 3rd monitor, an HDTV, to my set up. I have 2 small monitors that I would like to set up under the TV (a crappy Dell and BenQ monitor.) Both small monitors are connected via DVI cables and the TV is connected to the minidisplayport on the Radeon 6900 HD card. I lose the TV in the process and only have the 2 small monitors visible. If i disconnect the adapter and plug the TV in directly to the HDMI port, i can get the TV and 1 small monitor to show. I am just running into the whole "how to get all 3 operating together" thing. Is it possible that this adapter is broken? When i have the TV in the HDMI directly and both monitors connected via DVI, i can select any 2 and have them run. The adapter JUST arrived, so i'm skeptical that it's broken (though i understand that it is possible.) Sorry for the long-winded question. Any help would be very much appreciated!


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