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    The Division


      Has anyone been able to play the Tom clancy's Division ?


      I can not seem to get the game to run more then a few mins at the start before it crashes. Ive seen the message  " your display driver has stopped working and recovered"

      Iver tried to uninstall the drivers and do a clean reinstall but it has not helped. Tried latest drivers, same thing.

      Tried older drivers , still no go.

      Im not OC anything,  No CPU or GPU.  At this point I dont know if it is the game or  AMD's driver. I do have friends that are running the game and they are using Nvidia cards so I hope this is not related to AMD drivers fault ,.

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          Hi does the game stop at the load up where the health warning is as I get that a lot and what is your specs as mine are as follows.



          8GB ram

          500GB SSD + 1TB hard drive    

          R9 280X MSI Gaming    

          Motherboard is brand new as old one died and its GA-970-GAMING G1 series from gigabyte

          600 Watts Power supple

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            Try increasing your power limit setting.. also check your fan speeds...  The new driver magically turns your fans down to 30% which makes your card run much hotter than it use to.. It also decreases the power of your card to the point it can crash.. So go into gaming/global settings/global overdrive and increase your power limit to about 20% and see if that helps, then increase your fan speed to about 80-85%..  If it helps you can increase your power limit to the max and it will make your card perform as its should...



            The power limit setting is a power efficiency setting implemented by amd and it seems to be causing a bunch of cards to crash and the lower fan speed settings (also having to do with power efficiency) tend to cause gpu's to run extremely hot.

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              Please provide more information.

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                  Game crashes after few mins of playing everytime.    There are hundreds of posts about it all over Reddit and  on  Ubisoft own  forums.

                  I mean all you have to do is GOOGLE IT ! 

                  I'm sure it will become very apparent on how many people are having this problem.


                  Now I am not saying that It is the AMD Drivers ,  after all I can PLAY  Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege with no Issues ,  but there is something going on with The Division and AMD gpu's because there are way to many reporting they can not play the game .  Forget Crossfire , that is a whole other mess.

                  I'd be glad to play this game with 1 GPU  , never mind playing it with Crossfire enabled.





                  I love you AMD  but dam ,sorry to say it but  you are sure making it hard to be a loyal customer.

                  Asus Crossfire IV Formula

                  AMD FX-8320  CPU

                  Corsair 16GB Rampage 1600 PC3

                  On board HD Audio

                  AMD R9 290   x 2

                  Samsung SSD  250GB x 2

                  WD  1 TB  Hd

                  Antec 1100 watt  PSU

                  WIN 7 PRO  64

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                      I am not sure if you are still having problems with "The Division" Crashing?

                      Try the latest 16.8.3 driver.
                      Also if running Crossfire try turning off Frame Rate Target Control and Frame Pacing. If I turn these on on any Crossfire Game, I get a crash / lock up.
                      Hope this helps.

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                          is the division a good game?  Have they expanded it any from what it was at release?

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                              (1) RE: Is it a good game?

                              Technically in terms of the Graphics Quality, yes I definitely think so. I work on high quality graphics but I generally only do 'casual gaming'.


                              I completed various different "The Division" missions during Crossfire Performance testing. I guess the game grew on me. I personally do like the game, however that is my subjective opinion, and like I said, I am more of a casual gamer. If you are thinking of buying it then I suggest you look into reviews on line/ ask a friend to let you try running it on your PC setup to see how your system performs.


                              I looked at the game initially to investigate Crossfire flickering and graphics performance issue. I was able to change my PC CPU and GPU and "The Division" settings to "get rid of" flicker issue in Crossfire with the original release, but at cost of Frame Rate. I found it better to run in Single GPU until flicker issue got fixed by AMD in their Driver. Then the Crossfire Flicker issue was fixed by AMD after about 5 weeks from release date but I was seeing negative scaling in Crossfire on my particular system. I still got best performance by running the game with Crossfire switched off and running in Windowed full screen. Then finally the negative Crossfire Scaling issue was fixed on my system with the 16.8.1 driver. I now see a scaling factor of 1.42 and I can run the game on Ultra settings usually with around 60 FPS at 1080p. I would like to see the Crossfire scaling factor improved further but I think AMD have clearly worked with Ubisoft to provide Crossfire Support on this title now.


                              Getting the game to run well on my system in Crossfire did take some time. I have been able to run on non Crossfire mode fine since the initial release, but much prefer running it on Ultra at around 60 FPS in Crossfire now.


                              The game is still very CPU intensive in some areas.  Generally I turn off all other programs / start up items before running "The Division" on Ultra at 1080p in Crossfire. If I run around and there is lots of action (many enemies etc firing at me) the CPU use gets around 90-100% at times in some areas. This can cause some Frame Rate drop. If the CPU Utilization does hit 100% then I get stutter / halting. I do not believe this high CPU use is an AMD Graphics / GPU Driver problem specifically.  I have found the AMD Gaming Evolved (Raptr) App has automatically optimised the game settings to Quality and guarantee > 60FPS at 1080p in these regions of the game.I have found that Plays.TV can be used to record "The Division" but running Plays.TV recording uses some CPU resource and causes frame rate drop. If you wish to record "The Division" gameplay then I recommend you use an external capture card to a second PC/laptop.


                              (2). Have they expanded it any from what it was at release?


                              Yes. here are the list of expansions.

                              Tom Clancy's The Division Official Website


                              (3). Finally some System Information and hints/setup advice for anyone reading this thread, and interested to run "The Division".


                              My System is:

                              OS: Windows 8.1 64bit.

                              CPU: i7-4770K.

                              GPU1: (Primary in PCIe_X16 Slot 1)  Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 OC 6GB Vapor-X.

                              GPU2: (Secondary in PCIe_X16 Slot 2)Sapphire Radeon R9 280X OC 3GB Tri-X.

                              Primary Hard drive is a Crucial 960MB Hard drive, which Steam OS and Steam is installed on.

                              Game Testing Libraries (Including "The Division"). Installed on a pair of slow Samsung 2TB slim PS4 Compatible drives configured in Raid 0 run from a RocketRaid 620 Card.


                              Motherboard Asus Z87 Deluxe Dual.

                              The following settings are important for running "The Division" with high FPS in Crossfire on this motherboard.

                              All PCIe_x16 Slots set to run at Gen3 speed in the BIOS.

                              Motherboard Thunderbolt feature is disabled.

                              Note I have a 3rd Gen Samsung 961 PCIe NVMe SSD occupying the third slot in (PCIe_X16 Slot 3) on my motherboard. This is not my primary drive.

                              I set the drive offline when running "The Division" benchmarks. I have done nothing special to use the Samsung 961 PCIe NVMe SSD to improve the GPU performance for these results.


                              My cards are both Tahiti Chipset so do crossfire o.k, but since they are of a different generation, they are not on the Crossfire Compatibility Chart.

                              Therefore my results may not be 'typical'.

                              I run "The Division" at 1920x1080p resolution unless otherwise stated.

                              I get "The Division" Benchmark result 60 FPS run at Ultra Global Setting with Vsync Disabled when running in Crossfire Mode with the latest AMD (16.9.1) Driver.

                              I generally run "The Division"  at ULTRA global setting, Vsync off, Frame Rate Limit 60  and SMAA 1x ULTRA AA  in Crossfire Mode with the latest  AMD (16.9.1) Driver. I always disable Frame Pacing and Frame Rate Target Control in AMD Crimson Radeon Settings to avoid halting / freezing. I set the Crossfire Profile to TheDivision.exe. I recommend run the game with no overclock applied to CPU and GPU initially, then if you wish, try overclocking your system from there if you really feel you need it.


                              Hope this helps.