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Crimson global settings or game profiles don't seem to do anything.

Question asked by luckypunk on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by kingfish


As the title says, changing any setting doesn't seem to have any effect. I've been trying to improve Fallout 4 performance but have realised that nothing I change in Crimson does anything. I'm testing this mainly by changing anti-aliasing settings, as I find this easiest to see in game. The only part that works is overdrive/fan speed setting (both global and game profile works, though when using a game profile I usually have to restart fallout 4 a couple of times to get the fan going).


I have tried reinstalling Crimson many times, using AMD cleanup and DDU first, and tried all the recent Crimson versions since December.

I have tried removing the exe from Crimson and re-adding, both by letting it scan and also browsing to the correct exe.

I have tried using both the Fallout 4 exe and the launcher exe.

I have tried running the game in both fullscreen and borderless windowed.


Eventually I gave up and went to Radeon Pro for adjustments (works fine) but this doesn't include the Shader Cache option and I would like to try this. I assume as nothing else works in my Crimson profile, the Shader Cache isn't either, but it's impossible to tell. I don't know where it's located so can't see if it's filling up.


Thanks in advance for any help.


Win 10

Asus R9 290 (factory OC'd)

i5 2500k (OC'd 4.4ghz)

16gb RAM at 1866mhz