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    Dithering Nightmare


      There are many buyers that are angry about AMD new APUs because the output to 6bit LCDs looks terrible because of inactive dithering...





      Fortunately the latest Crimson Edition 16.3.1 Hotfix helps but just sometimes.


      For example with 6bit LP140WF1 LCD screen the dithering is active and color gradients are GONE, when I plug in the SAME NOTEBOOK the NV140FHM LCD screen

      (which has same specs = 6bit FHD IPS screen) then dithering is DISABLED!



      This is just crazy

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          I tried other versions of driver  - and even 15.12 is turning on DITHERING - but just on LP140WF screen!

          So for at least 4 months there is no progress with this issue


          I even tried EDID driver from ENTECH to `force` the EDID of LP140WF screen to NV140FHM screen, but the dithering is still disabled

          So it is probably not switched according the EDID....

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              After I read the Lenovo forum I've changed my display with a full hd one but the problem is still there. To be honest, there is a small diference but just not enough.

              I went to the service and they just replaced the mainboard, but that didn't produce any changes.