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    Shadow Flickering on Long Distances in Games!


      Okay i have this problem over the years and i check so many forums and websites about this and some people have the same problem and some people wont. It's eating me sometimes i really dont get why i have this problem. Im a perfectionist person and when i see something like that i become obsessed and keep trying to fix it.

      My problem is in games, when i look far away on trees or buildings or edges of the structures it is like shadows are vibrating all the time, which is drawing my attention all the time. I buyed Tom Clancy's Division lately and i was so happy i havent got this problem in this game. But today i tried to open the game and it freeze after few attemps when i opened game its shadow flickering all over the cars,buildings when i look far away. It annoys me so much and im looking for answers over the years. And i dont get why this happens in every game after sometime.

      The answer im looking for is, do all people have the same problem and just not care about it or is it just random issue. Over few years i have this problem all the time and changed so many computer parts and buyed new pc's. But no matter what i always have this problem. I had HD6970 before and had this problem when i was playing battlefield 3. And i changed my graphic card to R9 290 now and still have the same problem nothing changed. Also i change my motherboard and proccessor so i really dont get whats is the real issue.

      My problem is something like this.. well this is the most annoying one but in Division its less.

      Battlefield 4 Texture/shadow bug - YouTube or like this Far Cry 3 / GTX 770 Flickering shadows glitch - YouTube

      My System Specs are

      ─░ntel i7 4970k

      Radeon R9 290

      16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1800MHZ ram

      250 GB Corsair SSD

      750 Watt Thermaltake Power Supply


      I just want a relief that if its a problem about hardware or its a problem with all games and its just not me. Thanks for helping.