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Corsair RM650i silent but tearing in my 390msi & 6870ga-windforce

Question asked by aandredor on Mar 17, 2016
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Hello !



I have problems with artifacts / pixelation / tearing in some games. Before changing 2 components , a 390 msi and a RM650i corsair , hadn't these problems .



Now I think I ruled out the msi 390 as I tried it in w10,w7 with cd drivers, catalyst,crimson 16,3 - 30 hours of installing/uninstalling games , w , drivers. Today I tried my ex 6870 with the ga drivers from site and I get same pixelation/tearing in shogun2 and guild wars2.



Before changing the 2 components I didn't had these kind of problems. As 390 and 6870 give same symptoms (mainly tearing in vegetation and when i'm zoomed out from objects/trees/troops ) i think the problem is the RM650i.



But... my psu corsair RM650i is one that I got as a RMA for a corsair TX 650 with a broken fan , that I got as RMA for my corsair TX 650 V2 that made coil whine in my gpu and had also a buzzing fan when heated up.



So .. can the actual psu RM650i produce these problem in my system ? Can it be only a cable ? Psu has corsair link. Can I detect somehow the problem ?



It would be too much for a third RMA, these would be crazy .



Example of pixelation in trees on r9 390 w10 :

Example of pixelation in pine trees in shogun 2 menu :



My overcloking gpu thread :



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Help would be appreciated , Thank you .