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Anyone having issues with Sapphire Nitro Fury?

Question asked by brucer on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by gwenwolf

as per the title?  Anyone having the inherent black screen and driver crashing issues with the Sapphire Nitro Fury? 


My first Fury card was a Gigabyte Fury that got black screens at desktop and video_tdr failure to the point my computer was unusable.. I rma'd it to newegg and they agreed to a refund and I went with the slightly more expensive Sapphire Nitro Fury...  Now I have to give Newegg a good rating, the day they received the returned card the refund was issued within a couple hours with no hassle and I was able to purchase my new card and it was shipped out the same day...


The only things I'm pissed about is the first card being bad. I feel Gigabytes QC or another party's Quality Control on their graphics cards is slipping, not the first time I've heard this.. I would almost bet they are outsourcing the gpu manufacturing to a not so reliable manufacturer.


I had to eat the shipping to me on both cards, which totals about $15.00..



I hope this Sapphire card works, if not I'm gonna be one pissed off guy..