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    black screen when recording video or streaming to twitch by AMD Gaming Evolved




      I have a problem during recording my video from Dota2. I use AMD Gaming Evolved. I have switchable graphics on my laptop HP PROBOOK 4740s


      1. Intel HD Graphics 3000 (drivers: 9.17.0010.4229  win64_152824)

      2. AMD Radeon 7650M (drivers: AMD Catalyst 15.7.1)


      I play dota2 on AMD Radeon - maximum performance in AMD Catalyst Control Center.


      When want to record some video from Dota2 I see only black screen + sound from this game, but I've noticed that when I switch graphic to Intel HD 3000 everything is ok and on the recorded video I see the screen from Dota2 + sound. So the problem is only when I use AMD Radeon.


      I tried to use some combination as set up AMD Gaming Evolved applications to maximum performance (Dota2 also) but the result was the same - black screen.

      AMD Gaming Evolved on saving energy (Intel HD 3000) + Dota2 on max (Radeon) make the black screen too.


      So Dota2 on saving mode energy and AMD Gaming Evolved (on max performance or saving - no difference) works good, but I can't play Dota2 on Intel HD 3000 becouse the performance is too low. 


      Is there any way to fix this?


      Kind Regards