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    still no crossfire in hitman 2016


      i been checking around for a couple of day and call amd support directly but still no help how do you enable crossfire in hitman. also i downloaded the new 16.3 driver and now you cant select crossfire profiles?? i need serious help here

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          The drivers are broken for crossfire at the moment all of them it just isn't working as it should, It almost feels like crossfire is neither on or off but stuck in some sort of limbo. Directx 9 title are the worst with crossfire and profiles.


          If I disable crossfire for skyrim for instance, which I can only do in Radeon pro as amd profiles don't do anything for dx 9 as they are broken. Card 2 which is supposed to be disabled actually gets hotter than card one which has the usage. All dx 9 games stutter and hitch and the usage fluctuates from 0 to 100 just like it does when crossfire is enabled and it goes between the two cards even though one is disabled. It just all makes no sense. even if you do get a profile for Hitman 2016 it may still not work properly as something is not right with the set of AMD drivers at the moment, they need looking into properly to give people reassurance they are not damaging our cards with incorrect power usage.

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            Crossfire is still not working for me on my HD 7990 in regards to Hitman. Crossfire is defiantly having issues....