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choosing primary/default graphic card in amd crimson or catalyst among 2 dedicated amd graphic cards

Question asked by get22know on Mar 17, 2016

i have am3+ 970 chip motherboard with 16x and 4x pcie slots . i want to use hd 5450 at 4x slot for monitor display . and second r9 390x card at 16x slot for parallel computing (pencl). (without crossfire)

but if both cards are placed,display works only with 16x-r9-390x card as it is primary/default . but i want to use that card for computing and want display to work on 4x slot-hd5450 card .

in intel chipset they have option of changing init display first which is not available with AMD chipsets.

so how can change primary/default card from 16x slot card to 4x slot card in crimson or catalyst controll center ?