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firepro w7100 12 monitors

Question asked by cemenc on Mar 16, 2016

Hello everyone.

The company I work for purchased an HP workstation (z840). it has 128gb ram, 1tb ssd and firepro w7100 with 4 display port.

So, we are trying split all these 4 ports between 10 monitors. in order to do so I am going to use 2 startech display 4 port splitter. before I forget OS is windows 7 pro 64bit.

we have 12 monitors . 6 off these monitors will be connected with VGA connection so, I have display to VGA adapters for them. The reason for this is because our wall TV monitors (8 of them) are using older generation (vga to cat5) adapters.

first off all, the pc is crashing and showing very fuzzy lines and will not recover. Also, every time I change a display port cable, I have to shutdown the computer and restart it other wise I loose my screens.


my first goal for this discussion is to find out, if I can split these display ports between 10-12 displays.

can windows 7 handle this card and can windows 7 handle 10 monitors?

what do you all think about display port to vga adapter (mirroring adapters)

thanks in advance all.