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Status of VCE 3.0 / DEM (Media SDK)

Question asked by chrisd1100 on Mar 18, 2016



I'm interested in playing around with DEM for a low latency video streaming app for Windows 10. It seems that NVIDIA has a similar feature with their NVENC/NVFBC, but they have intentionally restricted the NVFBC feature to their GRID line of cards--GeForce cards are not supported.


The Wikipedia entry on VCE mentions VCE 3.0, and its availability on the Rx 300 series of AMD cards, however the official VCE page on does not mention VCE 3.0, or that the Rx 300 series supports it.


I am interested in purchasing a Radeon R9 380 (Tonga) for testing. Will this card 1) be compatible with the Media SDK v1.1 on Windows 10 and 2) support the most recent modifications to VCE and DEM?