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    AMD Dual Graphics between A10-7860K and r7-250 not working


      I've had a few odd issues with my shiny new A10-7860K system. The onboard graphics hate my monitor, an asus VS247. Every other monitor I have access to works with the onboard graphics. Nothing shows up until windows boots. Windows says it is a non plug and play monitor, which is odd. I'm typing this from my old computer, which identifies the monitor fine.



      The second is that I can not get dual graphics to enable with an MSI R7 250 2gb ddr3. I verified I had dual graphics enabled by borrowing an r7-240. It worked perfectly with the same UEFI settings. I tried everything, driver wipe followed by cc cleaner in safe mode and re-installing the drivers. I installed the latest beta drivers. I upgraded windows 7 to windows 10. I tried the newest and the next newest firmware for my motherboard. No matter what I tried it would not link.


      MSI's support failed to read my ticket three times in a row before I figured out the A10-7860k was new to the market. Now I can either wait four or five days for a response or cut my losses and pay return shipping on the card.


      Specs: Gigabyte F2A88XM-DFH FM2+, EVGA ddr3-1866  ram,  A10-7860K (stock settings), ASUS r7-240 2gb ddr3 (works) MSI r7-250GB ddr3 (does not work).


      Anyone here successfully linked a 7860K and an r7-250? I bought this system specifically to mess around with dual graphics (HSA was a distant secondary). Other than situations where the PSU isn't upgrade-able, or you need a half height card I can't think of many good applications for dual graphics.