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AMD Radeon HD 7970M - drastic random fps drop

Question asked by haxxorz on Mar 16, 2016
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I have an MSI GT 780DX - it had originally an nvidia gpu GeForce GTX 570M. It broke and i had to get a new one. Long story short i went with AMD radeon HD 7970M.

I was told it may work or it may be faulty it was 50/50 chance. But it works and works fine except for the drastic drop of fps.


my pc:


Proc - IntelCore i7-2630 QM 2.00GHz

GPU - AMD Radeon HD 7970M

RAM - 16 GB

Win 7 64-bit

(if any1 needs any more info just lemme know what and I'll post it)


I have AMD Gaming Evolved and it updates drivers fine. It even optimised all my games to high/ultra even though I thought they should be lower.

I checked with old and new drivers - always same problem.


Problem: Whenever I play (any game basically from CS:GO to Division) games set graphics pretty high and games run smoothly. And then out of nowhere fps drops from 50-60 to 10-15 for 2-3 sec and go back up. If it happened when there is a lot of objects on the screen but no it's totally random. I can walk looking straight down so all i can see if my characters feet and boom fps drop. It's not regular like every 30 sec, happens randomly and in all games. AND whats weird even if graphics in new games are set to lowest.

Let's say i set graphics to high/ultra and i get 40 fps, drops to 10-15.  When i set to lowest possible i get 60+fps (depending on a game but its high) also drops to 10-20.


Today i used amd clean uninstall utility and deleted all folders and installed drivers from 0. Same thing happens.


What is shocking is that even though my previous gpu was older/worse/slower i never had those fps drops before.


Can anyone suggest any solution. I'll try anything.

Thanks in advance for any help