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    Crossfire R9 270 - 2016 GPU Options


      My system is starting to show it's age, the last new thing added to it was an R9-270 GPU which has served me well, but now more recent games like the division and tomb raider it is starting to struggle at my preferred settings high detail, 1080p and 30fps.


      I will be getting a newer CPU and as such that might give it a little kick, but I was wondering if I do replace the GPU with something like an R9-380 can the R9-270 still be used in Crossfire with the R9-380 ? seems a waste to let it go un-used & I'm not looking for anything super high end.


      If Crossfire wont work, in my neck of the woods the cheapest R9-380 on ebay I can find is around 210 euros and a R9-270 going for 135 euros, would the 380 solo be better or get another 270 to crossfire ?


      Would any of the even cheaper lower end products work in Crossfire with the R9-270 like R7 series ? I see some R7-250 going for 70 euros.


      Thanks for any advice.