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    R9 380 issues after install 16.3 crimson


      Sup guys!


      Yesterday I started having problems at The Division, after updating the driver, I have constant 16.3 Crimson FPS drop even with lower resolutions and graphics in low. I used the DDU to uninstall the old driver and install the new one, but still the problem. Monitoring the game with the MSI Afterburner, in some moments that occur the FPS the Videocard falls more than 70% of use and my fps goes to 30 ~ 40. Before updating the driver, played the game with 60 fps with graphics in medium and some active filters.


      My specs:


      FX 6300

      MSI R9 380 4 GB

      8 GB RAM

      GA 970A-UD3

      PSU XFX 550W