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A10-7870K and A10-7870K

Question asked by xrayxray on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by xrayxray

Purchased an A10-7870K 4 weeks ago thinking it was the latest version, however to my dissapointment I have discovered I purchased the current version but without some features enbabled like Vulkan API. whilst the same product A10-7870K has this feature among one or two others enabled.

I would have purchased the A10 -7890 however it isn't available in Australia at the time.


Yes that's right currently there are two A10-7870K's in the current model line up so it's a guess which one you will get when the retail store sends you your new APU.

There is a difference in the serial number but the store won't tell you cos they don't care , so purchases have no choice in which APU they get, I feel disapointed that my money got the APU without some features whilst others will get the ones with all features and of course in Australia we pay more for PC components than just about anyone elese in the world....Mine was $ about that for loyalty.


What are AMD marketing thinking of by allowing this to happen to there loyal customers, at least AMD could prefix the model with all features enabled so there customers have the choice.

No one should have to find and compare serial numbers, an obvious change to the model number would be the fair and resposible thing to do...for example A10-7870KV to signify Vulcan Api compatiblllity.