AMD LiquidVR team please look at this before VR launches to the world

Discussion created by 5x1p3 on Mar 16, 2016
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AMD please have a look at this before 28th March when Elite and Oculus are officially on 1.0 and thousands of your customers will be putting on a headset for the 1st time to play elite in vr.


please dust off your old DK2 and try it on W10 with Steamvr just so you can see what its doing.




Super cruise in Elite Dangerous.


its a very odd bug to have really i use my tablet to monitor my machine loads & temps while i play and i can hit 75fps perfectly well 95% of the time, its just when you enter sc its perfect for about 1 minute and then fps drops to roughly 60, 45, 40 until it floats at 37/38 and wont regain 75 until i drop sc.


It's like it V Syncs it to 37/38 it's just weird that it drops to exactly 1/2 of the vr frame rate required.


I have run the test on my ultrawide freesync monitor @75fps and its perfect.


tried everything including previous drivers, fresh install, fresh elite, clock blocker and no afterburner etc etc


Steamvr regulates vsync so the problem might be with them but you will need to tell them as this problem does not exist on NVIDIA cards, i see my gpu clock slow down and load slow until it hits 37 and then levels out.


my gpu and cpu are watercooled so i can rule out temp throttle.


many thanks



i5 4690k @ 4.7Ghz

Deepcool Captain 240 water cooler

16 GB DDR3 1600mhz vengence ram

Fury X

480gb SSD

Windows 10 pro

Oculus 8.0

Steam VR beta


X55 Rhino

Proflight Combat rudder pedals


DK2 received

CV1 pre ordered

and a divorce hahah