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AMD Compress Errors

Question asked by xalz on Mar 15, 2016

I am hoping for some help from the community, as I am limited on my knowledge regarding the program, AMD Compress, and installation/removal troubleshooting it.


Initially, I had AMD Compress installed on my Intel i5-4310M 2.70 Ghz with 8GB RAM and AMD FirePro W4170M (FireGL V) GPU and Intel HD 4600. It worked for some compression (BC1) and not others. I am modifying Fallout 4 DDS texture files and need to properly compress them, so the game engine can use them.  It would not work on the BC5 format I was seeking to use.  Additionally, AMD Compress would crash to desktop on some compressions and failed to compress as often as it succeeded.  I had used the typical install and could not find a .xcf QT .dll plugin to conmpress GIMP's (graphic editor) program like I wanted, so I wanted to uninstall and reinstall the full version.


Upon reinstallation, AMD Compress timed out during the install process and locks windows from starting any other programs. When starting AMD Compress manually, instead of from the install process where it should start after install, the hourglass spins and times out, again.  A hard boot is necessary to regain function of windows and open other programs, again.  Additional installations have failed to install.


Does anyone have any ideas what is going on? Or is there a workaround to compress graphics files on an AMD GPU, instead of AMD Compress? Any help is greatly appreciated.