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AMD FX 9590 Freezing PC Windows 10

Question asked by davidjhyatt on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2018 by justwhynot

So, anyone else have the AMD FX 9590 and random freezes in windows 10? ME TOO!!


My build:


AMD FX 9590

AMD R9 390

Gigabyte GA990FX Gaming

32BG Hyper X 1866Mhz

128GB NVMe SM951

EVGA 1000 watt 80+ Gold

Dual 120 (120x240) liquid cooling


I tried all the power changes you find online that seem to work for a few minutes/not at all.  I updated all drivers (crimson + newest driver for GPU makes computer unusable.  This is a new system and clean win 10 install.


FINALLY got stability after nerfing my CPU and turning off boost    Computer freezes in games (Minecraft) closing chrome browser, working in blender and randomly.  I even suspected my mouse but several mice and driver combos didn't solve problems.


Running a stress test w/o boost still causes the freezing even though processor barely reaches 44.0C.  The PC runs very cool so I don't know what is going on with the chip.  Bought from Newegg and noticed core count is 4 and threads are 8.  I've read the module vs core talking points but wonder if there is something wrong with my CPU.


Any ideas???? Attached photo of CPU test @ fail.AMD Corporate @AMD AMD Compute Libraries