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    AMD FX 9590 Freezing PC Windows 10


      So, anyone else have the AMD FX 9590 and random freezes in windows 10? ME TOO!!


      My build:


      AMD FX 9590

      AMD R9 390

      Gigabyte GA990FX Gaming

      32BG Hyper X 1866Mhz

      128GB NVMe SM951

      EVGA 1000 watt 80+ Gold

      Dual 120 (120x240) liquid cooling


      I tried all the power changes you find online that seem to work for a few minutes/not at all.  I updated all drivers (crimson + newest driver for GPU makes computer unusable.  This is a new system and clean win 10 install.


      FINALLY got stability after nerfing my CPU and turning off boost    Computer freezes in games (Minecraft) closing chrome browser, working in blender and randomly.  I even suspected my mouse but several mice and driver combos didn't solve problems.


      Running a stress test w/o boost still causes the freezing even though processor barely reaches 44.0C.  The PC runs very cool so I don't know what is going on with the chip.  Bought from Newegg and noticed core count is 4 and threads are 8.  I've read the module vs core talking points but wonder if there is something wrong with my CPU.


      Any ideas???? Attached photo of CPU test @ fail.AMD Corporate @AMD AMD Compute Libraries

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          There are several FX-9590 freezing threads here that may help you. One FX-9590 user found selecting "reset to default settings" of his BIOS fixed his issues. Another person was informed that multi-DIMM systems often require 2T timing and he was trying to use 1T. There is a lot of useful info. and checks within the FX-9590 freezing threads below that might fix your FX-9590. The FX-9000 series CPUs are factory overclocked FX-8350 CPUs. As such the BIOS settings must be exact for the CPU/mobo which means "auto" settings may not always work reliably. It's a process of elimination to find what BIOS changes may be required. 32GB RAM just adds more sensitivity as the timings need to be exact to prevent issues. If you purchase the DIMMs as individual DIMMs vs. one DIMM kit of 32GB, then you'll likely need to slow the RAM timings for them to work without errors.


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          As far as core count and threads, AMD uses dual core modules to build 4-6-8 core CPUs. The FX-9590 or any 8 core FX processor has four modules and eight cores thus eight threads.

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            I suspect 32GB of memory is putting a strain on the CPU/Motherboard and causing instability. You might need to gradually increase some voltages to retain full stability when using 32GB of system memory. You can test this theory by running everything at stock but only use 8GB of system memory.

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              Hi, I have the same problem, I was reading that generated problems with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, and with Windows 7 was running correctly, conclusion go back to Windows 7 and the crashes were fixed. regards


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                What did work for me:

                - downgraded to win 7

                - updated to lastest version of bios

                My amd fx-9590 did blue screen my computer on win 10 randomly.

                and if you have little PSU it will freeze too.

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                  I am having the exact same issue with the random freezing on windows 10. The only difference in hardware is I'm using the ASUS M5A99FX board but the problem sounds identical. I have noticed it seems when I do a clean install I don't get any freezing until after first update. I can't remember what build it is but its before creators update by quite a bit. When I find it and check the build Ill add that info here. I started suspecting the chip which is why I'm here. I have a fx6800 which doesnt have any issues. Sio I'm gonna swap the chips and see if the problem follows the chip.


                  P.S Before I found this thread I was getting ready to buy a cheap motherboard to test with.





                  I swapped the 9590 with the 6800. Like I thought the system that was freezing with 9590 no longer has freezing issues. I tried installing 9590 in the other rig but Gigabyte board was only 125TDP and it cooked the board. Well I sold the 9590 on Ebay and bought the Ryzen 3 2200G with Vega Graphics. I have had a little trouble with BSOD's but nothing worth putting any time or effort into yet. Not to mention that would be another thread anyway.

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                    what's the VRMs temperature? .. it's as important as CPU!

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                      AMD FX 9590 has default BIOS settings that need to be adjusted to prevent this freezing issue:


                      C6 state = Disabled

                      High Performance Computing Mode = Disabled

                      NB Voltage = 1.54

                      Cool & Quiet = Disabled