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290x possibly fried? Out of Warranty, Sapphire no help, any experts lurking?

Question asked by nuggetpiece on Mar 14, 2016

Hey guys,


Sapphire reference 290x

Back in January I swapped my 290x into my new 6700K system. After the AMD drivers installed I found to my dismay that I had the dreaded "black screen". I had to put this problem down for a month or two because of work obligations, but I guess I'm ready to jump into some desperation fixes?


Here is what I had done back in January:

- Reseated card

- Moved card from one 6700k system to a different 2500k system.

- Tested with windows 7, windows 8.1, and windows 10.

- Tested with (2) different power supply units. Corsair AX750 and AX760

- Tested with different pci-e power cables. Including seperate wires.

- Tried installing catalyst drivers all the way back into the, and crimson drivers up to 16.1

- Tried updating bios to newer bios. Used latest sapphire 290x reference bios from gpu-z site.

- Tried modified bios from 390x for 290x reference boards.

- Tried reapplying thermal paste

- Tried Sapphire support, Warranty ended back in October, so they told me I was out of luck.


Here is my new discovery, it looks like I have a broken/fried SMD on the back of the card... PINKY for scale.

I seem to still get 2.376 ohms on that resistor, same resistors nearby get similar reads 2.376, 2.378, 2.373.


Any expert ideas?