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Microsoft basic display adapter problem

Question asked by on Mar 15, 2016
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No matter what Microsoft basic Display adapter defaults to display adapter. I have done several clean installs and eventually card driver fails and it defaults to Microsoft display adapter. I thought My card bit the dust and bought another card yesterday only for it to do the same thing so it is a driver problem with 16.3 crimson being the cause. Even if I put a lower Amd driver now I get the same result even tried 15.11 same results. I do not want to wipe my CPU already tried to restore from previous time same results very frustrated . I also get a error when my integrated card can be seen saying that my 8507D is not compatible when trying to put in Crimson. No matter what can't install drivers.Screenshot (2).png


I am running windows 10 preview 14297

R9 290 and tried new R9 390 same results

16 gig ram



crimson 16.3 won't install