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Computer turning off when intall driver

Question asked by danielcavalli on Mar 14, 2016
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4 days ago my computer started giving a video problem where colored stripes appeared on the screen (a bluish-gray tone). Since then had several problems, first computer stopped entering in the logon screen (going straight to the troubleshooting screen), then he began to not enter even in this screen and I had to do BCDedit Legacy to get into the safe mode and remove the video drivers.

After removing the video drivers the computer started normally and I could use it for about five minutes until the windows Auto-Updater to update the driver and the video issue again. When I realized that I returned to safe mode and removed the drivers to see if that was the problem, he gave no other: video errors appeared in five minutes. After I took the Internet cable and removed the new driver, I was 30 minutes without the Internet with your computer running "normally" (low resolution due to lack of drivers), connected to the Internet and less than 5 minutes after the computer malfunctioned again.

I started to think that the problem would be Windows 10 and I downloaded windows 8.1 again. When I finished the download of the most recent AMD Driver I've faced the same problem again, the PC restarted. After a few tries I found out that the AMD driver ALWAYS crash the PC and while I was using the Windows Standard Driver I could use the PC for almost everything(Unless Games and do my school homeworks as I study Programming). Anyone faced this problem? Did you know how to solve this?

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The message Video_tdr_Failure appeared only one time and then never again, put as title because that was the only mistake name I received.

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Processor and Video Card:

Processor: AMD FX-6100

Video: AMD Sapphire 270X