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    After installing Crimson 16.3 windows fails to start


      I just reinstalled windows on my new SSD. I ran DDU to make sure there were no old drivers in my system. I went to AMD's site to get the latest drivers and downloaded the new cimson 16.3. After installing it asked me to restart. And when windows restarts it says running startup repair but fails to find a solution. I am then forced to load a backup of just the fresh windows install. Ive tried reinstalling the drivers several times each time Ive cleanly unistalled them first with DDU but every time windows fails to start. I eventually ended up just installing the Crimson 15.12 drivers which worked fine the first time. Before doing this fresh install on my SSD I was running windows 10 pro on my HDD and had Crimson 16.2 running with no problems. Ive looked everywhere for a fix to this problem but have found nothing. If anyone knows what is wrong or would like to help i would appreciate it.

      I am running windows 10 pro

      CPU: i5 6600k

      GPU: MSI r9 390

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          I had the same issue with a r9-fury,except no drivers worked for it.. I sent it back for a refund... I'm not paying $500 to beta test for AMD..

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            No problems here at all...R9 380 4GB, Win10x64, Crimson 16.3's....I have nothing against DDU, or anyone who chooses to use it, but I will say I don't use it because I found it to be destructive and to remove more files than should be removed, etc.  The standard Crimson install/uninstall routines work perfectly--and they leave your profiles untouched at the same time.  I've not experienced any problems with them that makes me think again about DDU. Half the driver-related problems I see on these boards are from people using a DDU version made for older drivers on their newer drivers, too.  As well, stay far away from "registry cleaners" and "PC Mechanics" programs of all kind that mess up people's systems far more than "fix" them--those auto-repair programs can easily ruin a perfectly healthy system.  (Advice to the wise...;))


            The most common mistake I've seen with the Crimsons is that I've found it's better to uninstall the old drivers first (using the Crimson uninstall routines), and then install the new drivers.  That seems to work better than installing one beta, non-WHQL driver on top of the next, imo.


            Hope you get it sorted...

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