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    New to Crossfire, unplayable stuttering and missing elements on use


      I recently bought a second XFX DD 290x 8gb card. I am having serious issues trying to get things or games to work like Fallout 4, and The division to work. Upon entering the game its like a strobe light flashing the images. Once in game the same flashing and there will be missing textures on the ground or the hills will be flashing in and out simply terrible visuals. This isn't a long description though I don't know if it needs to be. I've spent the last two days trying to find the answer, how to fix it on my own or what kind of "in the works" there is going on that maybe I need to wait for. Before anything further

      1080p monitor 1920x1080

      Crosshair Formula V

      Kingston 1333 16bg RAM

      AMD FX-8350 Eight core liquid cooled

      Win 10 64x

      EVGA supernova 1600 PSU

      XFX Dual Dissipation 290x X2


      I cannot show the stuttering or frame flashing with images though as you can see areas are not correct and those are flashing. People are missing bits and textures just aren't there. In the division lights and areas just strobe flash, snow zig zags downward etc. With the division there isn't a fix yet or that I could see, and I understand that to get two cards to work together is not perfect and can have some micro stuttering. In fallout though, It has been noted that HOTFIX 16.1.1 should have or attempted to fix the stuttering issue for crossfire.

      I have run Haven3D and with one card see great 40-70FPS and with AMD Crossfire turned on and astounding beauty with 70-110+FPS

      Here are some things that I have tried that to no avail gotten me anywhere.

      -verified steam file cache

      -installed latest hotfix 16.3 on top of 15.11 and by itself

      -used amd uninstall utility and DDU to completely clear or wipe and then clean install also in safe mode

      -Manually Disabled ULPS

      -Checked PSU connections to cards and insured card one was in PCIe slot 1 and card two was in PCIe slot 3 (though slot 2 isn't much of an option due to size of cards)

      -Used a second monitor and swapped out the cords display port and HDMI cables


      I am pulling my hair out, and cannot find anything recent or since February 2016 that anyone has had this issue. Any questions or advice, ideas or tricks would be greatly appreciated. This is my attempt at salvaging this crossfire mess I am in, and also my first Forum post. So if in the wrong spot, wrong info or anything else wrong please help educate so I can improve for the next time