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No Crossfire after driver update

Question asked by shasoderpy on Mar 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by anomalyx

Heya folks!


I've recently updated my Graphics drivers to their latest, but quickly noticed that Crossfire is no longer enabled.


The Catalyst suite no longer shows any Crossfire option for new application profiles, and any existing profiles have an empty drop-down.  

Checked with GPU-Z, and it also mentions Crossfire as being Disabled.


I'm currently running:

a Desktop PC

Windows 7, 64-bit

AMD Radeon HD 6990 GPU

Catalyst Software Suite, 15.7.1



Tried a clean re-install of the 15.7.1 Driver, but no succes. 

I've searched around, and found quite a few similar issues to mine.   The only working solution I've seen mentioned so far was downgrading back to older Drivers (Version 14.12)   

I'm not sure where I could find these though!


Any idea's on the disabled Crossfire,  or alternatively a download location for the older Catalyst drivers would be appreciated!