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    How do I know whether I have a gpu hardware failure?


      Hi Guys,

      My problem is that my laptop keeps crashing with the blue screen: Video-TDR-Failure - atikmpag.sys

      I thought that a windows update does this (KB3140768) and their is a clonflict with the video drivers.

      I removed the drivers and the system was stable again. So figured that If I removed the windows update, everything was going to be fine.


      My problem is that after removing the update, I cannot reinstall the drivers. Neither new ones, nor old ones. It just keeps crashing while installing. The screen goes balck once or twice then the laptop just reboots and stops with a blue screen "Video-TDR-Failure - atikmpag.sys".


      My laptop is

      Samsung NP355V5C-S01HU

      Windows 10 64bit

      CPU: AMD A10-4600M

      GPU: HD7660G + HD7670M 2GB


      I had to disable windows own video driver update as well, because it just reinstalls the drivers and the laptop crashes. So now it runs with default microsoft drivers.


      I am starting to think that my gpu has a hardware failure. How can I find out? I am guessing that the HD7670M got fried, because the laptop works?


      UPDATE: if I let windows do the video driver update, the laptop does not crash straight away, just after rebooting.


      Thanks for any suggestions.