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Weird ingame textures on foliage in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Question asked by wowproblems on Mar 12, 2016

Hey, this is something of an extension to this question asked in the drivers support section, but as it's more applicable here and this has been an ongoing issue for me I'd really appreciate an answer.

Basically, Tomb Raider's Geothermal Valley area has lots of grass and trees but for some reason they all have a grid-like pattern of dots on them.  The whole area looks pretty terrible because of it.


Close up it looks like this:

Steam Community :: Screenshot


At midrange distances edges look jagged and shimmer making it feel like an AA issue, but I've tried every AA option, including playing the game at 4k with SSAA, and nothing takes care of it.

Steam Community :: Screenshot


At long range grass becomes muddy and sketchy:

Steam Community :: Screenshot :: This is at 1440p 2x SSAA Ultra settings (texture high). Grass looks bad. Obvious alia…

Steam Community :: Screenshot


All of the above shots were taken at very high resolutions.  Some people who had similar issues with different games have tried disabling AA or turning off Surface Format Optimization, neither of those worked for me.  I don't think the problem is limited to foliage, either- In that first shot you can see some pixelation on Lara Croft's hair as well. 


My GPU is an R9 380x.  Thanks in advance.