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    Black Screen for (~1 sec) when gaming


      I am experiencing frequent graphical errors and I'm wondering if I have a bad card. I have had the card for about nine weeks now. I had experienced graphical errors before, but then I found out I had a bad monitor so I thought the problem was gone. Now I'm having more graphical issues. I would notice a single flicker (almost like an alt+tab that would happen something like 2-5 times a day, but then some days it wouldn't happen at all. Then, today I brought my computer home with me from college. I took the GPU out of the computer and put it in the original box so that it would not get damaged on the trip. Now that I've reinstalled it, I experience the monitor going black for about 1 second at irregular intervals when the GPU is experiencing somewhat moderate loads (the GPU reaches a maximum of ~52 deg. C). Sometimes it can be 10 minutes between when it goes black, and sometimes it happens every 5 minutes or less.


      Does this sound like my GPU is going bad? I removed all graphics drivers in safe mode and then reinstalled the latest drivers and the problem of going black still occurred (though the interval at which it occurred seemed to change). I also took the GPU and ran off integrated graphics to verify that it was not the monitor or the cable. The problem didn't seem to occur when running off integrated graphics. While I had the GPU out, I made sure that the PCIe pins didn't have fingerprints and were not damaged. I also used compressed air to clean my motherboard's PCIe slot to make sure there wasn't dust in it. I'm not sure what else I can do to troubleshoot this. Do you have suggestions? Does it sound like my card is going bad?