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Fury X Overclocking Potential. Advice.

Question asked by tomtalk24 on Mar 12, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2016 by black_zion

Hi all,


I'm looking to upgrade my HD7990 to something uptodate. The FuryX alone offers performance that both of the 7990s GPUs combined can provide. I also fancy a change...

I have the choice of the standard card with its own watercooling, or an OcUK Labs FuryX that replaces the stock cooling with a EK-FC Nickel waterblock and offers a 2 year warranty on top. My eyes are set on the latter.


From  what I read overclock-ablilty on the FuryX isnt great, but I don't know if this is due to the stock coolers limits or AMD taking something related into consideration when selling the card. Or its just not designed to run faster than it needs to. Basically will plumbing this GPU into my loop be just a waste of time and money or will I see a little more flexibility on how far I can push the card?

Many of the FuryX overclock discussions describe overclocking this card as very hit and miss, a point then any further and crashes etc. In my mind this points to the GPU just not being capable of reasonable overclocks even with a custom loop?


I understand this GPU is as is, no OC edition, nothing faster or slower. I would appreciate any feedback on personal experiences with this GPU, any knowledge on if good cooling can benefit overclocking further, or just anything from someone who has custom water cooled the FuryX.


Thanks before I blow £590